The Town of Old Orchard Beach requires any person who wishes to rent their property to apply for a business license. The application fee for this is $75.00. This fee covers inspection of the property to assure there are no life safety issues, and that the property is up to present code standards. The various fees for different business licenses are included with the Business License Packet which can be downloaded either from the tab on this website or at
Please contact Kathy Smith, Licensing Clerk, to schedule inspections or if you have any questions.  Kathy’s number is 207-934-5714, Ext 1533, Mon, Wed, Thurs, & Fri: 8-4, and Tuesday 8-6.
Please note that the business license inspection check off list provided here is a guideline only.
Basic steps for obtaining a business license:
  • Obtain an Application either from the Business License Department or by downloading it from the tab on this website.
  • Bring the completed application to the Business License Department and pay the application fee.
  • Schedule an inspection by the Code Officer
  • If there are any updates required, schedule a re-inspection once completed.
  • Once signed off by Code and other relevant Town Department Heads, the application is scheduled to be presented to Town Council for approval.
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