Housing pic The following is important information concerning your rights and responsibilities as a person renting property in Old Orchard Beach.  Following these guidelines could save you time and money and make your visit in Town a pleasant experience.

1.  Before making any commitment on housing, ask to see the apartment.

2.  Check for existing damages or problems and make a list and/or take a picture of these items. If you decide to rent the apartment, discuss your list of problems and damages with the rental manager, until all of you are in agreement about the list and pictures.

3.  Carefully read and listen to all terms and rules the landlord has made. After signing and paying a deposit, you are expected to honor your agreement.

4.  Follow all rules the rental manager has posted.

Money Picture

5.  Pay your rent on time. Always get a receipt for money you have paid.

6.  Do not damage your apartment, appliances or furniture.

7.  Do not overcrowd your apartment with extra students. This is a serious violation of city building and fire codes and could cause eviction leaving you with no place to live.

7.  Do not move out without first informing your rental manager and your Sponsor.

8.  Damaging the apartment, overcrowding, and not paying your rent on time could result in you not getting your deposit refunded. You can also be evicted!

Be careful when placing deposits on rooms. Some people might try to take advantage of new students by taking money and not providing a place to stay. Others might put students in inappropriate or unsanitary housing hoping that they will not report anything. Please know that your visa cannot be cancelled for reporting bad housing conditions.


If you are having problems with your housing, or feel you are not being treated fairly, try to resolve the problem with your rental manager. If you cannot come to an agreement, you may need to look for other housing, CONTACT YOUR SPONSOR IMMEDIATELY and email us @ oobj1info@gmail.com for follow up.


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