Old Orchard Beach Rules & Regulations:
• Prohibit drinking or purchasing alcohol for anyone under 21. You must also be 21 to enter bars, nightclubs or to purchase alcohol.  Photo ID is required.
• Prohibit drinking alcohol or carrying an open container of alcohol in public. This includes on any street, avenue, alley, sidewalk, beach, parking lot, and any vehicle in any of these areas.
• Prohibit nudity in public areas
• Prohibit disorderly conduct: acting in a manner that disturbs the peace of others, or refusing to obey the lawful order of a police officer.
Prohibit sleeping on the beach from 2:00 a.m. until 5 a.m.  Sleeping in a vehicle is prohibited.
• Prohibit excessive noise. No disruptive noises may be made between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. (includes yelling and loud music).
• Prohibit ball-throwing, Frisbees, and other sports while the Beach Patrol Guards are on duty, between 10 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. daily. The use of kites, surf mats, and boogie boards is under the control of the Beach Patrol Guards.
• Prohibit skateboards on public streets, alleys, sidewalks and public lots.

Pedestrian Safety
Cross the street only at marked crosswalks. When crossing roads, push the button and wait on the sidewalk for the white flashing signal indicating you may cross. Maine law requires that pedestrians use the sidewalk where it is available, rather than walking on the street.
Hitchhiking is prohibited in the U.S. It is very dangerous; never do it!

Please be careful and use caution when riding your bike in Old Orchard Beach. Refer to the bike safety brochure.

Moped / Scooter Rules:
– Motor scooters and mopeds must be registered and have the appropriate titles affixed to the rear of the vehicle.
– Operators must have a driver’s license or have a Moped Operator Permit with proof of insurance upon stop.
– Drivers of motor scooters and mopeds must remain on the far right of the road.
– Motor scooters and mopeds are prohibited from operating on sidewalks.


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